September 20 Is the Time for All to Join
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The Flobots: Reviving the Poetry of Politics

[by Brendan Smith] In 2006, Neil Young told the Los Angeles Times that the silence of young songwriters during the Bush era compelled him to retake the stage as a protest singer: "I was waiting for someone to come along, some young singer 18 to 22 years old, to write...

Do the Math: Invest While We Divest

[by Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith] Do you want your college tuition or tax dollars invested to increase droughts, storms, forest fires, and crop failures -- and an unending series of Katrinas and Sandys?  Or do you want them used to lower greenhouse gases on your...

When the Earth Roars: Organizing in the Age of Extreme Weather

[by Brendan Smith; Cross-posted with Grist and Huffington Post] A new insurgent force has joined the climate wars: planet Earth. This summer, she's blanketed two-thirds of the country in drought; turned New Mexico and Colorado into blazing infernos; crumbled roads in...