This is a time for solidarity. This is a time for sustainability. This is a time for the Green New Deal.

A time for solidarity: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic must not become the occasion for a war of all against all. Blaming China, or immigrants, or the opposition party is a way to divide us just when we need to be united. Instead we need to reach out to each other and ensure that everyone—especially the most vulnerable—are fully protected. Remember: the life you save may be your own!

Transit Equity Day Rolls Across the Country

People in more than 50 cities in 16 states took part in activities for Transit Equity Day. activities around the country on February 4. Congressional Representatives Barbara Lee and Ilhan Omar also tweeted about TED.

Call for A Grand Alliance to Save the Postal Service

In the face of aggressive attacks, a wide range of national and local organizations have come together to create A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service. Their mission statement says: The United States Postal Service is a wonderful national treasure,...