2024 Gaza Solidarity Encampment at Brown University Photo Credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel

University Unions United for Free Speech recently issued this statement, endorsed by 29 academic union locals:

As unions representing tens of thousands of workers at university campuses across the country, we strongly condemn the use of violent force and disciplinary actions by university administrations against students and workers peacefully protesting to demand their university administrations divest from the Israeli military and from companies profiting from the genocide in Gaza.

As unionized workers, we understand that the freedom to assemble and protest are foundational to democracy and to our ability as workers to collectively fight for meaningful changes in our workplaces and the world. We recognize the disciplinary actions and mobilization of police forces against peaceful protestors as attempts by university administrations to curtail the freedom of speech and protest on campuses.

We stand in solidarity with all of the students, graduate workers, faculty, and staff exercising their rights to free speech and protest. We call on all university administrations to live up to their values of academic freedom and to guarantee the right to freedom of speech, assembly, and protest on campuses.

Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bqn-5S9AhG-YvRTTbNrGM59N4W36kvI2tLg-JkkCIeo/edit