September 20 Is the Time for All to Join
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American Labor: A Sustainable Path

By Joe Uehlein This Labor Day, as union membership falls to a mere seven percent of private sector workers and bargaining and political clout shrink to match, two roads diverge for American labor.  One is to attempt to find a niche within an economic-political system...

Pipeline Climate Disaster: The Keystone XL Pipeline and Labor

[by Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith] More than two million American construction workers -- nearly one in five -- are currently unemployed. Factories that produce building materials are operating at only half their capacity. So when a private company proposes a...

Are Progressives in Denial About Climate Change?

[by Brendan Smith and Jeremy Brecher] If you listen to right wing commentators, you might think American progressives are leading the charge to protect our planet from climate change. Would that it were so! All around the country, progressives are fighting to make our...