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Young workers are uniquely affected by climate change. Yet, our voices are rarely heard in discussions about climate. We live on the frontlines of both the climate crisis and an economic recession. However, we have had no choice but to be resilient in the face of dramatic economic changes since the start of our careers.

Founded by lifelong trade unionist and environmental justice advocate Joe Uehlein and other co-founders, the Labor Network for Sustainability will lift up the unique perspectives of young workers through its Young Worker Listening Project. Also with the leadership of Executive Director Michael Leon Guerrero, an environmental justice organizer of more than 30 years, many national and local unions participate in LNS activities, such as the American Federation of Teachers, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, Service Employees International Union, Amalgamated Transit Union, and many others.

Please join the LNS Young Worker Listening Project as we fight for climate policies based on the lived experiences of young workers and activists. Together, let’s build an economy that meets our actual needs.

If you have five minutes and are under the age of 35, please share your experience by completing our survey. You can learn project and who is on the committee here.