Jessica Garraway has worked as an educator in Minneapolis Public Schools for roughly six years. She has been organizing and writing on matters such as wealth disparity, racism, colonialism, women’s liberation, labor, and environmental issues for over 10 years.  Jessica was also active in the fight to stop the building of what would have been the first Tar Sands mine in the US as well as the Keystone, Dakota Access, and Line 3 pipelines. Jessica was a founding member of the Mississippi Stand mobile caravan that cost the company Energy Transfer millions of dollars through a number of lockdowns to equipment and blockades. She was also active in work to address police terrorism and reimagining public safety in the wake of the George Floyd Uprising.

Jessica’s ultimate goal is to do her part to build a strong labor movement capable of taking on the climate crises. She is a founder and chair of her union’s Eco Justice Working Group which is part of a number of local, state wide, and national coalitions committed to ecological action. Jessica helped bring together a group of union educators concerned about climate which today has grown into the LNS-sponsored Educators Climate Action Network coordinating action by hundreds of teachers around the country. 

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