By Bakari Height, LNS Transit Organizer

Transit Equity Day is around the corner, and the Transit Equity Network has already been hard at work preparing for a week’s (and possibly month’s) worth of events!

This year, we are focusing on a unified ask for all participants to inform your networks on Congressman Hank Johnson’s long-awaited “Stronger Communities Through Better Transit Act”.  The bill would earmark federal transit funding for operations, which would cover labor costs, extend service in underserved areas, and go towards investing in cleaner energy sources.  We have materials, including sample op-eds, available on our Organizing Toolkit here if you’d like to participate.

Our annual livestream will be held on Monday, February 5th at 3 PM EST on the Transit Equity Network and LNS YouTube channels.  We will feature many organizers from labor unions, green groups, as well as local organizers who are doing the work to make sure equity is included in any transit decision. Join in on the conversation, and please subscribe and share this live amongst your networks!

Also, please register your actions here! The importance of registering your actions is showing how far we have come from Rosa Parks’s day where your only methods of organizing were civil disobedience and sit-ins.  Show your support and register your action—it could even be a public meeting on transportation!

Please email [email protected] for more information or to answer any questions.

We will also be featuring discussions including our “Disability in Transit” panel on Wednesday, February 7th at 3 PM EST.  To register for this webinar: