By Bakari Height, LNS Transit Organizer

For the sixth year, the Transit Equity Network of Labor Network for Sustainability will celebrate Rosa Park’s birthday with a nationwide Transit Equity Day February 5. Transit rider organizations, labor unions, and transit equity advocates will take attention-grabbing actions locally around the country to dramatize the need for just transit for all.

We are doing a two-pronged approach for Transit Equity Day this year. We will hold a week of conversations with a DC-focused congressional staff briefing on why funding service on transit is imperative with respect to Hank Johnson’s bill. We will also be promoting the same local actions during the week of Transit Equity Day, but encourage participants to tune their focus on why operations funding is important to their local communities. The Transit Equity Network of the Labor Network for Sustainability will partner with the National Campaign for Transit Justice will provide material to help you spread this message so that we can make our voices louder.

For more information on how to sign up or participate, go to Transit Equity – Labor Network for Sustainability ( Follow us on all of our social media channels and tune in to our livestream on our Transit Equity Network and Labor Network for Sustainability channels on Monday, February 5th at Noon EST.

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