The American Postal Workers Union has taken on the climate crisis within the national union structure by following up on their last national convention resolution “Climate Change, Jobs and Justice.” At its recent national All-Craft conference held in Las Vegas, the APWU held a special meeting on Climate Change, and circulated a detailed survey to nearly 300 local leaders about the impact of the climate crisis on the jobs, livelihoods and communities of their members.

A majority of survey respondents indicated that the effects of the growing climate crisis have impacted their jobs and households, with over a third of the respondents affirming that their pay and benefits were interrupted and were threatened by the effects of climate change.  A wide range of responses detailed the many ways in which the fires, floods, power outages, heat and storms continue to have an impact the lives of workers in the U.S. Postal Service, all across the country.  Conversely, only a handful of respondents have had any communication from management about how the USPS is addressing the growing threats to work and workers from the climate crisis.

APWU local leaders overwhelmingly responded that they want their union to engage in the fight against climate change destruction, and offered dozens of recommendations for their union to consider as it takes up the fight on behalf of their members and all workers to fight for environmental protection, economic fairness, and social justice.

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