Pictured (Left to Right): Sara Nelson, President, Association of Flight Attendants; Chris Lester of United Mine Workers of America (UMWA)-(VA); Cecil Roberts, President, UMWA; Tony Kodric, UMWA-(PA); House Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez; Harry Higgerson UMWA-(IL); Mary Ellis Smoot UMWA-(AL); Dave Dilly UMWA-(OH); Donnie Farmer UMWA-(VA). Source: @Nelson4AFA.

The Labor Network for Sustainability has called on all members of Congress who support the Green New Deal to co-sponsor legislation to protect the pension and health benefits of coal miners.

For many years the fossil fuel industry and its supporters have characterized real climate protection as a threat to workers. They’ve cynically used coal miners as the poster child for that alleged threat. However, we know that climate change itself is the threat to workers. The power of the Green New Deal is making climate protection the centerpiece of protecting workers. What better way to show right now the commitment of Green New Deal advocates to the well-being of American workers than to become the spearhead of defending coal miners’ rights? If you and all the other co-sponsors come out in support of miners’ rights it will be an important statement against those who would slander the Green New Deal as anti-worker.

As advocates and organizers for the Green New Deal among labor and our allies, we urge you to join us and everyone who cares about securing a REAL just transition for workers who will be impacted by the change in our economy away from fossil fuels. Protecting the pensions and health care of our nation’s mineworkers is one important, concrete and immediate step that can and must be taken now.

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