Photo: The main U.S. Post Office in Eugene, Oregon, was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood and completed in 1939, and the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The lobby features two 1942-43 murals by Portland artist Carl Morris. Wikimedia.

We use it to write our loved ones, we use it to vote, we use it to get our medications–it’s just there, and we count on it to do what we need without fuss or bother. But with President Trump and his Republican allies fighting to hamstring and eventually destroy it, the US Postal Service needs support from all who benefit from it. The US Postal Service Is a National Asset: Don’t Trash It, a new study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, makes clear “the national interest in a robust postal service.” It describes its “historical contribution to the nation’s economic development.” And it points out the role of the Postal Service in making a more just and equal society “for those chronically excluded from the benefits of economic growth, including those in isolated, low-income rural areas, regions devastated by deindustrialization, and racially segregated urban communities.” This national asset is an asset for each of us. The US Postal Service Is a National Asset: Don’t Trash It will give you the facts you need to fight for it.