By Sydney Ghazarian, LNS Staff

The United Auto Workers (UAW) are making history with their Stand Up Strike against corporate greed, and for economic and social justice during the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Their fight is our fight too. We’re joining with Public Citizen, Greenpeace USA, Sunrise Movement, Evergreen Action, Jobs with Justice, DSA, Working Families Party, 350, Sierra Club, Green New Deal Network, and UAW for a Day of Action this Saturday October 7, in solidarity with striking auto workers.

Solidarity is powerful, it is collective, and it is a verb

We’re calling on activists and supporters across the country to stand up to Big 3 Auto’s corporate greed, to stand with UAW, and to join us in taking action on 10/7. Together, we are powerful.

Top Ways to Participate in the Day of Action on 10/7

  • If you’re nearby a striking UAW location, show up in a red shirt and walk the picket line with auto workers! Find nearby picket lines here.
    • Never been to a picket line before? No worries– just show up and join the fun! You can check out the Labor Network for Sustainability’s guide on strike support here
  • If you’re not near a UAW picket line, join or host a car dealership canvass! This easy tactic, aimed at informing the public about the strike and what UAW auto workers are fighting for in their union contract, is not a boycott or rally. But, because car dealerships generate significant profit, it is a powerful pressure tactic against Big 3 CEOs. You can learn more about these canvasses, and sign up to host or join one, here.
  • On 10/7, take a picture of you, your community, friends, and family participating in an action and post it online with the hashtag #StandUpUAW (Feel free to use this social media toolkit too! Or just Click to Tweet.) You can tag us on Twitter- @LN4S

Let us know how you plan on joining the October 7 Day of Action by filling out this form!

Pledge to Take Action on 10/7

Help build momentum for the Day of Action on October 7! Invite your friends, family, and community to participate. Sign up to host a canvass, help organize a carpool, print flyers (find canvassing flyers here), and share why you’re taking action in solidarity with UAW. You can use this 10/7 Day of Action social media toolkit to make it easy. And, of course, you don’t have to wait until 10/7 to take action- head out the picket line or host a canvassing event in the lead up to Saturday too! Also, consider donating to UAW Region 6 and UAW Region 8’s solidarity fundraisers.

UAW’s fight against corporate greed and to win a union contract that ensures a just transition, good EV jobs, and wages and benefits that uplift working people during the transition to zero emissions is our movement’s fight too. By acting in solidarity, we can help win a strong contract for auto workers and a better future for us all.

In the words of UAW President Shawn Fain, “That’s how we’re going to defeat corporate greed, by standing together!”