(L-R, back) John Cusick, Illinois Federation of Teachers Legislative Director, Hallie Trauger and Jackson Potter, Chicago Teachers Union and Back of the Yards College Prep; (L-R, front) Mark Stoch, Illinois Federation of Teachers Local 571 and Bea Lumpkin, CTU retiree. Credit: John Cusick at the LNS Third National Convergence on Climate, in Chicago at the Kimpton Allegro, June 2019.

Reporting on the LNS National Labor Convergence on Climate this past June, labor veteran Bea Lumpkin described a special meeting of educators at the conference:

Educators at the conference agreed that we have a special responsibility in the struggle to mitigate the harm that climate change is already causing our communities. We also need to be well armed with the facts to help our students think scientifically and to understand the basic science of climate change. Attendees planned to meet again this summer and exchange materials for teaching climate change.

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The Illinois Federation of Teachers delegation to the Convergence included Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey and members of IFT locals 571, 1211, 3939 and IFT Legislative Director John Cusick.