Voices for a Sustainable Future

LNS is a project of Voices for a Sustainable Future. VSF is dedicated to bringing together non-traditional constituencies in the effort to achieve a sustainable future for the planet, and the people on it.  VSF seeks to bring together science, art and economics in ways not done before.  We believe that no matter how brilliant our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that makes the difference, and passion through art must play a significant role in the transformation of our economy and our culture so that sustainability becomes a part of the way we live.

VSF will promote and pursue multidisciplinary activities that encourage long-term sustainability, focusing on environmental protection, economic fairness, and social justice in the United States.  Such activities will include:

  • Building understanding between various interest groups such as working people, labor unions, environmental groups, scientists, social justice organizations and artists with the goal of promoting long-term sustainability;
  • Conducting research that explores avenues for achieving long-term sustainability;
  • Educating the public and interest groups on the importance of pursuing sustainable practices by, for instance, presenting science, economics, and the arts;
  • Supporting music and the arts that convey a message of long-term sustainability, and generally connecting art and music to the broad progressive movement.

Learn more about VSF here: www.voicesforasustainablefuture.org