What is the March to End Fossil Fuels? 

United Nations Secretary General (UNSG) Antonio Guterres has announced a climate summit this September in New York City where entry will be offered only to country leaders who have committed to a fossil fuel phase out, currently excluding the US.  On September 17, 2023, thousands of people will march in NYC calling on President Biden to make good on his promises to deliver a just transition for workers and our communities, to provide solutions to the economic and climate injustices we face, and to end fossil fuels.

What’s at stake for working people?

This summer, we’ve seen more and more climate impacts hurting workers all along the East Coast and across the world. We now navigate unprecedented heat, smoke pollution and flooding as we attempt to make a living on a living planet. Meanwhile, corporations carry on making record profits, harming our planet and health while supported by the Biden administration. Producing, refining, transporting and burning fossil fuels has catastrophic health impacts for the workers and communities who are closest to the sites of production and supply lines, while contributing to global greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet and changing everything about how we work, eat, rest, travel, care for our children and loved ones, and plan for our futures. 

Why should your union endorse?

It’s time for a just transition for workers and communities impacted by the shift to carbon-free and renewable energy, which requires strong worker protections for the jobs created by the massive investments necessary to build a clean energy economy, and labor standards that demonstrate a commitment to reversing racial and economic inequality in the workplace. Labor Network for Sustainability is coordinating a labor hub for the march, because it is essential that working class environmentalism is at the forefront of any true transition to a more sustainable economy. 

Ready to join us?

Email: [email protected]

Sign up:

March at 12pm, Sunday 9/17
54th St and Broadway (via 8th Ave), NYC


What do you need to march?

Wear your union colors: shirts, hats, swag of all types!

Come prepared with water and anything you might need for a day of marching, including weather gear for rain or shine, sunblock, snacks, comfortable shoes. If you bring your own sign, do not attach it to wooden poles.


For more logistical information watch the following video, check out, or contact us!


 What does endorsement mean? 

  • Promote the march! Encourage members of your union to participate, and facilitate their participation by coordinating logistics such as group travel. This can also include outreach to other union and worker organizations for endorsement, as well as through more public facing channels such as social media or op-eds. 
  • Participate in Labor Hub coordination meetings Wednesdays at 6:30 pm ET to work with other folks from the labor movement to plan how we’ll show up as a block, including logistics (e.g. where we’ll meet up and how we’ll communicate during the march), messaging (e.g. what we want to highlight about the intersection of labor and climate organizing and how we will communicate this through flyers, signage, the march program, etc.), and follow up as we work to leverage this moment toward bolder climate action led by the labor movement! 
  • Mobilize resources! In order to show up fully we will need money and other materials including signage, merch, transportation, water. If you are able to donate money, LNS staff can coordinate the logistics of getting the necessary supplies, but donations in kind, such as union merch, water, meeting space etc. are also incredibly helpful! 



We are endorsing! What next? 

  • Let us know at [email protected], and send us your logo to include on promotional materials for the labor hub! 
  • If possible, share a brief statement on why your union, caucus or organization has chosen to endorse this march. 
  • Let us know who the point(s) of contact for your union or organization should be so that we can make sure to add them to the calendar invites and emails for the labor hub! 
  • Fill out an endorsement form to be connected to the central march mobilization
  1. If you are an endorsing organization, please fill out the endorsement form here.
  2. If you are an individual who’d like to participate in the march, register through Action Network here.



Endorsing Labor Organizations

AFSCME CA Chapter 57 Retirees

ALIGN: The Alliance for a Greater New York

Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments

Boston Teachers Union

Columbia University AAUP Chapter

Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs

Communication Workers of America District 1

District Council 9 Painter and Allied Trades

District Council 37 / AFSCME

Fordham Faculty United

Labor Network for Sustainability

National Day Laborer Organizing Network

New Jersey State Industrial Union Council

New Haven Federation of Teachers

New York State Nurses Association

NYC Labor Chorus

Professional Staff Congress – CUNY, AFT #2334

Progressive Workers Union

Rutgers AAUP-AFT

Rutgers Adjunct Faculty Union Executive Board (PTLFC-AAUP-AFT)

Teamsters Local 1150 Pride Caucus

Teamsters Local 808

The Architecture Lobby

Third Act Union

UConn Graduate Employee & Postdoc Union

United Federation of Teachers

United University Professions — AFT Local 2190

Workers United NY NJ Regional Joint Board