Scientists and climate protection advocates once expected that rational leaders and institutions would respond appropriately to the common threat of climate change. As Bill McKibben said of Jim Hansen and himself, “I think he thought, as did I, If we get this set of facts out in front of everybody, they’re so powerful “” overwhelming “” that people will do what needs to be done.”

It didn’t work.  Those who are fighting to save the climate need a new strategy.  One such strategy to consider is a global nonviolent law-enforcing insurgency.

Here’s LNS’s latest discussion paper by Jeremy Brecher suggesting this strategy. Download it here: “Global Nonviolent Law-Enforcing Insurgency: A Plausible Strategy for Climate Protection?

Famed international lawyer Richard Falk says:

“Global Nonviolent Law-Enforcing Insurgency” is “an exceptionally valuable contribution to thought, feeling, and action on this greatest challenge that has ever confronted humanity as a whole.  All in all the most stimulating response to climate change that I have encountered.  It has given 2014 an encouraging and stimulating start!”