Organizing Toolkit

Sponsor Transit Equity Day

In addition to hosting an action, you can support Transit Equity Day 2024 in a variety of ways. Learn more below:


Transit Equity Network

  1. This is the larger body for organizing Transit Equity Day and other transit equity activities.

  2. Meets bi-weekly every other Friday at noon ET.

  3. Not a formal membership body, attendance is not required.

  4. Learning space to share ideas, information and organizing strategies.


Planning Team

  1. Meets bi-weekly on Fridays – alternating with the TrEN meetings – 11am ET.

  2. Provides overall coordination to the TrEN process.

  3. Does lead thinking to plan agendas for full network meetings and overall strategy.

  4. Membership is voluntary, but requires a commitment to participate and contribute work.

  5. Current members include Transit Center, Amalgamated Transit Union, Institute for Policy Studies, Labor Network for Sustainability, NAACP, REAMP Network, Sierra Club, Transit Center, Transit Riders of the United States Together


Sponsorship – Can include one of the following:

  1. Providing a financial contribution and/or in-kind contribution to the Transit Equity Network

  2. Providing communications support by designating a communications point person to work with LNS Comms and Information Director or participating in the Comms Committee.



  1. Can be listed publicly as an endorsing organization.

  2. Amplifies social media posts of Transit Equity Network.