Songs of Solidarity

Songs of Sustainability, Solidarity and Peace

Featuring Joe Uehlein of The U-Liners and LNS

For today’s Earth day to May day to May 4th music project submission, we’ve got “Silent Spring” by Emma’s Revolution, performed by LNS president Joe Uehlein.

Music has always held a core role in the labor movement and the climate movement.

To honor the role of music in change-making, this year, from the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, where we celebrate our fight to right the environmental wrongs and turn back global warming, to May Day, an internationally recognized worker holiday, to May 4, the 50th Anniversary of the Kent State Massacre, where government troops opened fire on Vietnam War protesters killing four students, LNS will be featuring labor, climate, and peace-themed songs from LNS president Joe Uehlein and others on our social media. If you’re interested in submitting your own recording of a song to be featured, check out the google form at this link.

We’ve kicked things off with Joe’s cover of “Paradise” by the incomparable John Prine.

Earth Day to May Day music video project »


Featuring Bob Massie and Daughter Katie

We’ve got our first Earth Day to May Day to May 4th song project submission from an LNS supporter!

We’re sticking with the father-daughter duet theme from yesterday’s cover of “Inch by Inch” with this cover of “Paradise” from LNS Board Member Bob Massie and his daughter Katie. Bob provides some great background to the song. Thanks, Bob and Katie!

Would you like to submit your own recording of a labor, climate or peace-themed song to be featured in our music project, upload it to this Google form. Leo Blain will get in touch after receiving your submission!

Listen to Bob and Katie with their moving rendition of John Prine’s “Paradise” »


Keep On Striking from the Peace Poets!



Jesse Palidofsky’s “Respect Your Mother”

Interested in submitting your own climate, labor or peace-themed music video?

Upload the file to this Google form to see it featured on the Labor Network for Sustainability’s social media and YouTube channel.