Occupy Wall Street is planning a month of action starting March 24 and leading up to Earth Day April 22. Globally coordinated actions by Occupy groups and ally organizations will “connect the dots between the 1% and the destruction of the planet.”

This is a chance for labor, environment, sustainability, and other allied groups and activists to work together to plan local actions.

Visit the website for the actions: www.disruptdirtypower.org

DistruptDirtyPower.org is a collaboration between Occupy Wall Street, allied organizations and many others who are deeply concerned with the political and financial corruption that is funding and enabling the destruction of our environment.

99 > Dirty Power connects the dots between big banks on Wall Street, big polluters and the politicians who profit from both.

Oil giants admit that climate change is happening and that humans are causing it. BP calls climate change, “a major global challenge – one that will require the efforts of governments, industry and individuals.” According to ExxonMobil, “Rising greenhouse gas emissions pose significant risks to society and ecosystems…Stabilization poses a significant challenge, especially for CO2, the most significant of the GHGs emitted by human activities.”

Yet they keep digging for oil and coal, unearthing the fossil fuels that have already sent us over safe upper limit of CO2 in our atmosphere. Why? Because they’re making billions doing it.

Big Banks like Bank of America, Chase, Citigroup, HSBC and Wells Fargo are the biggest investors in these companies’ projects. The same banks that foreclosed on millions of Americans’ homes are busy foreclosing on Earth. They gladly underwrite anything that smells like money no matter how terrible the cost to the rest of us, our children and our planet’s future.

We have asked our politicians to write and enforce new energy legislation that will stop the extraction and burning of fossil fuels in order to prevent rapid climate change. But those very same politicians are in the pockets of both the Big Polluters and the Big Banks who lobby against real climate legislation.

By investing in these banks, we are investing directly in dirty power.
Enough is enough. We will not stand by and watch while the oil giants, their too big to fail funders, and their bought and paid for politicians ruin the climate we depend on. It’s time for us to take matters into our own hands.

On March 24 stage two of Move Your Money begins – and this time, Americans will be taking action and closing their accounts at the Big Banks because our future depends on it.

For one month leading up to Earth Day on April 22, we are calling on all Americans to move your money into community banks and credit unions from Big Banks like Bank of America, Chase, Citi, HSBC, Wells Fargo etc. This doesn’t mean transferring personal accounts alone: it means going into your communities and having your schools, community centers, local businesses and local government agencies move their money too. We all need to stop investing in dirty power and to pull the plug on the banks that do.

We are the 99%. We have power, vastly greater power than the companies and banks whose oil and coal and gas profits have blinded them to the reality we all face if we continue burning fossil fuels. There is no other option. We will defend ourselves and our future. We will put our money where our mouths are: by saying No to Big Polluters, No to Big Banks, No to Profiteering Politicians.

WHAT: Disrupt Dirty Power!

March 24: Disrupt Dirty Power Global Direct Action
March 24 – April 22: Move Your Money 2.0 – A month-long campaign to disrupt dirty power as we draw the connections between Big Banks, Big Polluters and the Politicians who Profit from both.

WHERE: Nationally coordinated actions by Occupy groups and ally organizations.

WHAT NOW?: Post your action!

What is Occupy Wall Street?
“Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of manycolors, genders and political persuasions. OWS is fighting for economic justice in the face of neoliberal economic practices, the crimes of Wall Street, and a government controlled by monied interests. #OWS is the 99% organizing to end the tyranny of the 1%. OWS uses the revolutionary Arab Spring tactics to achieve our ends and encourages the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants. The #occupy movement empowers real people to create real change from the bottom up.”