Over 40 top US labor leaders will travel to the UN Climate Change negotiations in Copenhagen next week.  The US labor delegation will join hundreds of labor leaders from the international community and thousands of representatives from the environmental, business, government and faith communities to urge President Obama and over 100 other world leaders to take bold action on climate change and work toward achieving a fair, ambitious and binding global climate deal.

US workers have a lot to gain in Copenhagen. Passage of a strong deal that reduces global warming pollution worldwide will help put the US on the path to a new clean energy economy that will create millions of American jobs.

In support of a new global climate deal, people all over the US and in every corner of the world will join together this weekend for a massive global day of action. Thousands of candlelight vigils, marches, “signature walls”, and other events will take place from December 11-13th. Show your support by attending one of the over 400 actions in the US.  Go to http://tcktcktck.org/realdeal to find an event near you.