U.S. Unions Back the Climate Strike

An estimated 7.6 million people joined the global climate strike September 20-27, making it the largest demonstration against climate change in the world’s history. There were more than six thousand events in 185 countries. 1.4 million participated in Germany; 1 million in Italy; 600,000 in Canada; 500,000 in the US; 350,000 in Australia; and 350,000 in the United Kingdom.

What’s Next for the Climate Strikes?

Fridays Youth around the world will continue the weekly Friday school strikes for climate they have been conducting for the past year. Next strike The global climate strike coalition will shortly announce the date for a climate strike in November or early December....

Labor Lawyers Say International Law May Protect Climate Strikes

Two prominent international labor lawyers, one of them an official of the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center, have just published an article in Equal Times saying “Unions Must Join the Global Climate Strike to Avert a Climate Catastrophe.” The authors, who write in a personal capacity, are Ruwan Subasinghe and Jeff Vogt. Subasinghe is Legal Advisor to the International Transport Workers’ Federation and Jeff Vogt, director for the Solidarity Center’s Rule of Law department and previously the legal director of the International Trade Union Confederation.