In Memory of Chaz Wheelock

We dedicate this issue of Making a Living on a Living Planet to Charles “Chaz” Tsyaktati Wheelock, one of the co-founders of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN).

Fight for the Rights of Essential Workers

Whether they are healthcare workers, bus drivers, janitors, factory workers, or firefighters, people who are declared “essential workers” and are therefore required to go to work in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic face many of the same threats.

Science and Crisis

by Carly Ebben Eaton | Apr 16, 2020 There are a ton of parallels between the leadup to the current crisis and the non-response to the climate crisis. Recently, I learned that the fastest a vaccine has ever been developed is 4 years (for mumps). The average time to...

Earth Day to May Day: A Historic Experiment in Virtual Protest

The first Earth Day in 1970 had very significant support from the United Automobile Workers and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which included money, staff time, printing, and other related resources. Denis Hayes, organizer of the first Earth Day told Labor Network for Sustainability President Joe Uehlein that the first Earth Day would not have happened without labor support. Some of the larger Earth Day planning retreats/meetings were held at the UAW’s Black Lake training center in upstate Michigan.