A Climate Protection Guide to Organized Labor

[By Joe Uehlein] Thousands of trade unionists and seventy-five local and national unions participated in the Peoples Climate March in New York in September -- a quantum leap from any previous labor participation in climate action. Climate protection has become a...

Connecticut Needs a New Climate Change Action Plan

While global cooperation is required to address global warming, national governments are so far failing to adopt the necessary agreements and policies. Therefore people and governments have had to take the initiative for protecting the climate by reducing greenhouse...

Labor Network for Sustainability Calls for Support for Oil Strikers

The Labor Network for Sustainability today called for environmentalists and other allies of organized labor to support oil refinery workers who went on strike this week. Joe Uehlein, Executive Director of LNS, said, "Oil refinery workers are in the front line of...

Connecticut’s Electric Utilities: Time to Revise the Model

[Like other states, Connecticut has an electric system based on a one-way flow of energy from a central generating stations to consumers — and this model is now obsolete. It is failing to capture new opportunities for distributed renewable energy, and it is failing to meet new problems like climate change and energy insecurity. This discussion paper examines how to revise Connecticut’s electric system to make it safe for the earth’s climate — and how to get the electric utilities to make the changes that are necessary. Here’s the full pdf of the discussion paper entitled: Connecticut’s Electric Utilities: Time to Revise the Model. Read the introduction below.]