Wash Your Hands the Union Way

Tired of timing your handwashing with Happy Birthday? Try the above from the American Federation of Musicians.

Support the 5 Principles of a #PeoplesBailout!

The United States is now the epicenter of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As Congress acts swiftly to develop relief and recovery packages to address the crisis, we must make sure that they prioritize the health, wellbeing, and economic stability/security of all people, with no exceptions. Take action now. Contact Your Legislators: Support the 5 Principles of a #PeoplesBailout!

This is a time for solidarity. This is a time for sustainability. This is a time for the Green New Deal.

A time for solidarity: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic must not become the occasion for a war of all against all. Blaming China, or immigrants, or the opposition party is a way to divide us just when we need to be united. Instead we need to reach out to each other and ensure that everyone—especially the most vulnerable—are fully protected. Remember: the life you save may be your own!