Organizing Toolkit: Earth Day Labor Actions and Climate Strikes

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The time to fight for immediate and bold climate action is now, but the needed economic transition will not take place without strong guarantees for worker rights and good jobs for all. Worker justice organizations are calling for actions from Earth Day to May Day to demonstrate the interconnection of climate justice and worker justice.

Earth Day to May Day Call to Action


How do I get involved?

Step 1: Everybody show your support!

Earth Day Youth Climate Strikes – Labor Solidarity Statement

The below signed, join in solidarity to support the Earth Day Youth Climate Strikes and Earth Day to May Day mobilizations. This is a critical opportunity to highlight, educate and advocate for urgent action to address the climate crisis on all levels of corporate, local, state and federal governance and furthermore, to accelerate education among workers about the causes, consequences, and necessary changes that must be taken to avert a climate catastrophe.

I/we join with the youth-led movement, local civic and community organizations, the faith community, environmental justice organizations and others to publicize and participate in whatever ways possible to support the Earth Day Climate Strikes and to use this opportunity to connect these movements to the Labor Movement in organizing for a Just Transition for workers and communities.

Sign the Labor Solidarity Statement

Additional ways to show your support:

Step 2: Mobilize – Get your labor community involved!

  • Organize a labor delegation to a Strike With Us Action on Earth Day in your city
  • Plan an Earth Day to May Day event

Step 3: Organize – Earth Day is an opportunity to build the labor-climate movement in your labor community:

No matter what you do: Stay connected!

Join the National Labor Table to coordinate labor engagement in the Earth Day Youth Climate Strike:

Register to join the bi-weekly coordination calls on Wednesdays at 8pm ET:

  • 3/4 – National Unions Plans
  • 3/18 – Local labor community plans from cities across the country
  • 4/1 – Social Media Training and National Coordination
  • 4/15 – One Week to Go: Final Push!

Additional Resources: