Labor4Climate2020 Membership Drive

Join Labor Network for Sustainability during our #Labor4Climate2020 membership drive.

Let’s move forward together in 2020 as LNS continues to address key issues that shape the labor-climate movement:

  • Implementing a viable strategy for workers who have lost or may lose jobs in the face of the now all too frequent natural catastrophes and the economic transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy—let’s build off of our Convergences and conversations to develop and organize for a real Just Transition plan.
  • Ensuring labor’s voice is front and center in a Green New Deal framework, especially in the midst of a highly contentious election that can shift the needle for better or for worse.
  • Promoting transit equity through local coalitions of workers and community organizations to push for green transportation systems, while advocating for racial justice, ease-of-use and healthy neighborhoods where communities are heavily dependent on public transit.
  • Standing alongside youth activists in taking action to assure that they can make a living on a living planet.
  • Navigating our urgent need to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and grow the new renewable energy sector jobs as good union jobs as we build a sustainable, equitable, and just economy and a stronger labor movement.

Membership Options

  • Individual Membership. New membership rates!
    • Regular Membership: $60/year or $5/month.
    • Sustaining Membership: $120 or more/$10 or more/month. If you sign up as a Sustaining Member before the end of the year, you will also receive an LNS T-shirt (produced by a union printer).
  • Union/Organizational Membership. See our toolkit for how your union or organization can support LNS.
  • Current LNS Members. If you joined LNS in 2019, thank you! If you renew your membership by the end of the year at the Regular or Sustaining membership rate, we will send you an LNS T-shirt.

All membership sign-ups by the end of 2019 will be good through the end of calendar year 2020. Questions about your membership status? Contact Judy Asman at