In an interview about labor’s role in framing the #GreenNewDeal LNS President Joe Uehlein says to Janine Jackson of CounterSpin, “climate change is the real job killer, not the answers to climate change. And we’ve done studies to show that, but, for a lot of working people, it’s very obvious.”

He continues:
“For example, if you work in the public sector, which a lot of people do, the only way you can negotiate good contracts is if you have healthy state and local budgets; those budgets will be decimated by the impact of climate change. And we’re seeing that, not only in New York, in the aftermath of Sandy, but up and down the entire West Coast, with the budget increases those states have seen to fight forest fires. As Sara Nelson talks about—she’s the president of the Flight Attendants Union—they’re already losing jobs to more and more flights being grounded due to increased turbulence caused by climate change. And that list goes on and on.”

Listen or read the entire interview: