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Earth Day and the Emergency Green New Deal

The climate crisis on its own is a threat multiplier. Now, workers in a multitude of industries are serving the public amid the existential crisis that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Illustrated by Taylor Mayes of Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs, this graphic is one of a series of Earth Day to May Day “Emergency Green New Deal” graphics—and corresponding video interviews by LNS’s Leo Blain—to raise awareness of the conditions facing workers the actions they’re taking to stand up for their rights to health and safety.

Texas AFL-CIO Adopts Resolution on Climate Change

Ryan Pollock, an inside wireman with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) writes about the recent AFL-CIO Convention in Texas: Not only were many of my fellow trades siblings—plenty of whom work in the fossil fuel industry or represent fossil...

No Worker Left Behind in the Green New Deal

What will happen to workers in fossil fuel related industries if the shift to a climate-safe economy threatens their jobs?

Labor-Environmental Alliance Calls for Climate Solidarity

The Blue-Green Alliance, which unites large labor and environmental organizations, recently released the statement “Solidarity for Climate Action.”

Brecher on Future of the Climate Movement

A recent article by LNS Research and Policy Director Jeremy Brecher in the Great Transition Forum argues that the climate movement has entered a new historic phase, pioneered by the Sunrise Movement, the Student Strike for Climate, and the Extinction Rebellion and expressed in the massive activity around the Green New Deal.

Some Tough Questions about the Green New Deal

Few ideas have provoked more discussion than the GREEN NEW DEAL (GND). Basically, the GND states that (1) we need to take urgent action on climate now in order to jump start the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030 and completely de-carbonize by 2050; and (2) we need intentionally to use the transition to address economic justice (create high quality union jobs/redress income inequality) and social justice.

18 Strategies for a Green New Deal: How to Make the Climate Mobilization Work

LNS 2019 discussion paper “18 Strategies for a Green New Deal: How to Make the Climate Mobilization Work” by Jeremy Brecher

Organizing for the Green New Deal

by Michael Leon Guerrero, LNS Executive Director Here at the Labor Network for Sustainability we are very excited about the the Green New Deal (GND). The resolution introduced in Congress by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey in the Senate has already sparked...

Joe Uehlein on the Green New Deal

On Monday, February 18, 2019, Chris Bangert-Drowns, a senior reporter with WPFW, the Pacifica Radio affiliate in Washington, D.C. spoke with LNS founding president Joe Uehlein about the Green New Deal and the tepid response from some unions.

In Coronavirus Fight, Workers Are Forging a Green New Deal

In a new series of commentaries, LNS Research and Policy Director Jeremy Brecher argues that, in the face of government and employer failure, workers and communities must take the lead to protect ourselves and each other from the coronavirus and its economic and social impacts. He proposes an emergency program to do just that. It might be described as a do-it-yourself Green New Deal.

EPA Workers Need Your Help to Protect Your Climate!

Environmental Protection Agency workers protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and ensure a healthy environment for everyone. In the face of devastating climate change, we need them more than ever. The Trump Administration is gutting the EPA—slashing funding,...

Union Teachers Spreading the Word on Climate

How can unions educate their members about climate change? The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) just provided a sterling example. The entire current issue of its magazine American Educator is devoted to teachers and climate change. It is available free online....

Want a Model Climate Resolution for Your Union?

Many unions are considering resolutions on climate change. Here’s one just passed by the local executive board of the Rutgers University AAUP-AFT, that endorses the Green New Deal, demands that Rutgers develop a climate action plan to be carbon neutral, and proclaims...

Signs of the Times: Arts Kit for the Green New Deal

Looking for beautiful and powerful graphics for your activities around labor, climate, and the Green New Deal? The Labor Network for Sustainability has partnered with and engaged artists to create “Green New Deal Arts: Signs of the Times” to share images that people can carry in the streets to help organize for and win a Green New Deal.

Rutgers AAUP-AFT

Resolution in Support of the Green New Deal, Student Climate Strikes, and a Climate Action Plan for Rutgers University WHEREAS As a result of human-caused greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, primarily associated with the combustion of fossil fuels, the global climate is...

Engaging the Members: Doing a Local Inventory of Jobs and Climate

A Convergence workshop led by John Harrity, retired President of the Connecticut International Association of Machinists and chair of the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs (pictured above), consumer-tested a survey that unions and other labor organizations can use to find out the impact of climate change on our members’ jobs and communities—and to stimulate a discussion of what that means for labor.

LNS Lays Out Next Steps for Labor Climate Action

In a follow-up letter to Convergence participants LNS Executive Director Michael Leon Guererro laid out these next steps for trade unionists to mobilize their unions to fight for and help shape the Green New Deal.

Making the Green New Deal Work for Workers

The Labor Network for Sustainability has called on all members of Congress who support the Green New Deal to co-sponsor legislation to protect the pension and health benefits of coal miners. For many years the fossil fuel industry and its supporters have characterized...

Labor Convergence on Climate: A Labor Voice for the Green New Deal

The Labor Network for Sustainability will hold its third National Labor Convergence on Climate June 28-30. This year’s theme is “Strengthening Labor’s Voice to Help Shape the Green New Deal.” The major goal of the Convergence is to produce an action agenda for labor...