“Should Your Union’s Pension Fund Divest from Fossil Fuel?”

A Guide for Trade Unionists


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This guide is designed to help you and your union consider whether you should divest from
fossil fuels.

Working people collectively own an enormous amount of capital in our pensions. As a sector,
pensions are the largest source of investment in financial holdings, even larger than standard
investment houses and banks! Pensions constitute over $40 trillion! Our pension funds are
invested in stocks and bonds that may not be serving our interests as working people and may
be harming our families’ futures. Imagine what we might be able to support and build, imagine
the great jobs we could create, if we use more of our pension funds to directly benefit our
members and our families.

The Guide Contains:

  • An introduction to pension fund divestment and links to further information about it
  • Whether failure to divest can constitute a failure in fiduciary responsibility
  • How you can respond to divestment proposals and what questions need to be answered to reach a decision
  • How to start a divestment campaign yourself and answers to questions you may encounter from union members and divestment opponents


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