As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, children, parents, and teachers are facing an uncertain new school year. Our schools need resources to prevent the virus from spreading in the classroom in order to re-open safely this fall.

Your voice and activism are needed to ensure public schools and our children don’t get left behind. Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 2, we’re taking action to demand safe schools.

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This day of action will include hundreds of local events organized by parents, children, teachers, and activists just like you all over the country. Events can range from small demonstrations with handmade or printed signs, car caravans, visibilities at local schools, actions at public officials’ offices–they can be as creative as you are!

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If You’re Planning an Event

We highly encourage you to follow COVID-19 prevention protocols–wear a mask and, better yet, make masks available. Stay at least six feet away from others. Wash your hands whenever possible and use hand sanitizer often. Don’t share your phone and stay safe. Also, limit the size of in-person actions to prevent crowding.

For more information on how to stay safe, check out these resources created by the Movement for Black Lives.

And please spread the word!

We need a strong and loud echo chamber to make sure people see these actions all over the country and hear our demand for COVID recovery funding! Please amplify your message of support on social media by using the #DemandSafeSchools and #FundPublicEducation hashtags.