Brandon Rhodes, Texas/Gulf Coast AFL-CIO Field Director, Ginny McDavid, President of the Harris County AFL-CIO, Lia Millar, AFL-CIO and fellow, and Shelley Baker, also an AFL-CIO 350 Fellow are living examples of the camaraderie among union members and labor allies such as, who helped to spearhead and implement the September 2019 #climatestrikes within the labor movement.

Fridays Youth around the world will continue the weekly Friday school strikes for climate they have been conducting for the past year.

Next strike The global climate strike coalition will shortly announce the date for a climate strike in November or early December.

Earth Day April 22, 2020 will be the fiftieth anniversary of the first Earth Day. Mark your calendar: Planning is already under way for a global climate strike on a truly historic scale!

Strike Circles The youth Sunrise Movement, which has done so much to popularize the Green New Deal, is encouraging people to form Strike Circles in high schools and communities. Strike Circles are groups of 7-20 young people who will gather weekly with six weeks of training videos leading up to the November climate strike.

Workplace Strike Circles, anyone?