Looking for beautiful and powerful graphics for your activities around labor, climate, and the Green New Deal? The Labor Network for Sustainability has partnered with 350.org and engaged artists to create “Green New Deal Arts: Signs of the Times” to share images that people can carry in the streets to help organize for and win a Green New Deal.

LNS President and singer-songwriter Joe Uehlein says,

“The writer Bertolt Brecht wrote, ‘Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.’ That is true, but only partly true. Art is both. Especially today, with our attention captured by fragmented soundbites and speeded-up attention-getters, it is really important to do things that invite contemplation and thoughtfulness. Art invites that. Art that reflects reality can push the right buttons in people that help them become hammers to shape it differently. Art can reflect reality and help people to become the hammers that shape reality in different ways. Ways that call into question the existing order of things—and suggest ways to change it.”

Green New Deal Arts Project Coordinator David Solnit says,

These images are tools to support organizing, and designed to be used in a lot of ways; you can make signs, create posters, screen print them on fabric or paper, print stickers, project them on walls at night, use them online, copy or print the black and white versions and hand color them with watercolors, colored pencils and markers. We offer some tools and resources on how you can use these and also hope they will encourage creation in your groups and community of your own images, songs, poems, dance, theater–with an eye toward being effective and winning.

Download the Green New Deal Arts at arts.350.org »