Photo credit Laura J Nash

April 11th – 12th in Chicago, LNS and the US Climate Action Network (USCAN) are bringing representatives of the labor-climate movement together from across the Midwest to learn from one another, deepen relationships, and develop collective strategies in pursuit of a just transition. The meeting will focus on building collaboration between the regional and local projects of those in attendance, in addition to reports on the states of emissions and just transition for the Midwest, federal grant opportunities, and the USCAN Fast, Full, Fair Fossil Fuel Phase-Out campaign.

Climate change and the fossil fuel industry pose a number of risks to the Midwest, including threatening the fresh water reserve of the Great Lakes and straining the aging infrastructure of Midwestern cities. The Midwest has 20% higher per capita greenhouse gas emissions compared to the national average despite a shrinking manufacturing sector (including both green manufacturing and union jobs). Yet the region is well positioned to be a climate haven – if the climate and labor movements can ensure a just transition for workers and reinvestment in community resilience.

Space is limited so we are asking those interested in attending to apply here. Applications are due by March 1st, and you can expect a response by March 15th. We encourage organizations to apply with one representative who can bring the work back to your local networks. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Chris at [email protected]