Scenes of the reinstated Gaza Solidarity Encampment at Columbia University on its fourth day. Photo credit: عباد ديرانية , Wikipedia Commons

We proudly stand with the brave students and workers who are facing repression, violence, retaliation, and arrest on their campuses for protesting the complicity of the U.S. and their universities in a genocide. With nearly 35,000 Palestinians reportedly murdered since October 7, and no end in sight, ceasefire is a moral and existential imperative.

University activism has long served as a backbone for progressive movements we celebrate today. The student encampments and protests for Gaza are part of this proud tradition. So are the climatelabor, and social movement organizations that have expressed solidarity with pro-Palestine protesters, and campus unions organizing to hold university administrators accountable for their shameful and repressive actions. We call on our partners and allies to join and stand on the right side of history.

For full text of the statement: Statement of Solidarity with Students, Workers, and Palestine – Labor Network for Sustainability