Jack Zhou works as a social scientist at the Climate Advocacy Lab, an organization that provides training, research support, and connections to climate, clean energy, and climate justice organizers across the US. Jack has a long-standing interest in bringing together green groups, environmental justice organizations, and organized labor to work in solidarity for policy solutions across lines of race, class, and political perspectives.
He is the co-author of the Blueprint for a Multiracial, Cross-Class Climate Movement project, which produced a report and workbook with insights on how climate coalitions can be more effective, healthy, and resilient in their shared work. He recently helped organize a convening in Los Angeles that connected staff from LNS and other leaders from across the climate movement to expand on the Blueprint project’s multiracial, cross-class framework. The purpose of the convening was to help participants better understand each others’ perspectives, build relationships, define shared values, and explore alignment on strategic visions. Jack lives in Durham, North Carolina with his wife Liz and dog Starbuck.