LNS joined Friends of the EarthGreenpeace USAOil Change International, and other environmental groups to express their solidarity with United Autoworkers members striking at General Motors. Their letter read:

On behalf of our millions of members and activists nationwide, we write to express our solidarity with the nearly 50,000 autoworkers striking against General Motors. It is disappointing that the stubbornness of management has led to this point.

Corporate greed is the ultimate cause of our combined economic and environmental crises. As environmentalists, we support the United Autoworkers in their fight for good, family-sustaining jobs. Climate change and other environmental problems cannot be solved without investing in workers and supporting strong union contracts.

Ten years ago, General Motors was bailed out by both US taxpayers and the UAW, which gave major concessions to share in the burden when times were hard. The intervening decade has seen both record corporate profits and more offshoring of US jobs. We are disturbed by the reports of the termination of health care benefits, leaving people’s health and medical care in terrifying limbo. We know you can do better. We send our solidarity to the striking workers of UAW and urge you to agree to a fair contract now.

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