By: Sydney Ghazarian, LNS Organizer and Communications Advisor

The Labor Network for Sustainability is proud to join the Worker Power Coalition and progressive organizations calling on Congressional leaders to fully fund the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

The sign-on letter reads:

Between FY 2021 and FY 2022, union election petitions to the NLRB increased 58%. In the same time period, Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges increased by 14%. These workers are simply expressing their rights to form a union as guaranteed by federal law. The field staff at the NLRB has been cut by 37% since 2014 – and 50% since 2002. This severe understaffing means that the Board is unable to adequately service the needs of these workers. In fact, the NLRB staff union itself claims “the agency no longer has the resources to adequately enforce its mission.” Even in union drives where employers do not commit ULPs, delays related to understaffing have a chilling effect on workers exercising their rights.

At the Labor Network for Sustainability, we recognize the critical importance of worker power not only in winning transformative climate action, but in ensuring that our future, sustainable economy is just and powered by millions of high-paying union jobs. To achieve our mission, a fully-funded NLRB is crucial. 

With budget negotiations underway this month, now is the time to act. Use the Worker Power Coalition’s toolkit to send Congress a message.

Tell Congress to fully fund the NLRB with the $368 million budget it needs.

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