Amy Calandrella is an Operating Engineer with IUOE Local 98 in Western Massachusetts, USA. She operates heavy equipment (bobcats, loaders, bulldozers, etc) on construction sites all over Massachusetts, VT, and NH ranging from road construction to rail line repair. Amy began her work as an Operator in 2015 as an apprentice in her union.

Since then, in addition to her paid work, she has focused on building a strong regional tradeswomen organization, a committee of female operating engineers, and developing the Area Labor Federation of Western Massachusetts as a delegate and board member.

Amy became involved in the Labor Network for Sustainability in 2021 when she was interviewed as part of the young worker listening project. She then went on to take part in the Young Worker Organizing Committee and support the Young Worker Convergence on Climate in September of 2022, facilitating a panel of fellow building trades workers.

Amy looks forward to a career of building climate resilient infrastructure as a rank and file member, and organizing building trades workers towards fighting unions and a livable planet.