Above: The climate crisis on its own is a threat multiplier. Now, workers in a multitude of industries are serving the public amid the existential crisis that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Illustrated by Taylor Mayes of Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs, this graphic is one of a series of Earth Day to May Day “Emergency Green New Deal” graphics—and corresponding video interviews by LNS’s Leo Blain—to raise awareness of the conditions facing workers the actions they’re taking to stand up for their rights to health and safety.

LNS, in collaboration with Taylor Mayes of Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs, is launching a social media campaign to honor Earth Day, April 22, through May Day. While youth climate strikes plan to go digital in light of the pandemic, LNS is doing its part by honoring the labor-climate movement during this difficult time with social media toolkit and series of interviews, to be broadcast on LNS’s YouTube channel to help our network stay mobilized for the health, wellbeing and economic stability/security of our workers. This campaign will keep in mind these main areas that affect our network most deeply and personally:

  1. COVID-19 and Climate Crisis: The two crises are now threat multipliers squared. What our organizers within the LNS network are doing to force an Emergency Green New Deal.
  2. Farmworkers, Foodworkers, Truck Drivers, and Grocery Store Employees. This social media campaign will rally for the solidarity around these workers, helping them in continuing to organizer for safer working conditions and safety supplies.
  3. Transit Equity: How the safety of bus drivers is compromised what the LNS Transit Equity network is doing to ensure on-the-job safety, personal protective equipment and continued equitable service for the communities.
  4. Economic Equity: Standing for the equal access to affordable and reliable childcare, high-speed Internet and home and personal services affected by the lockdowns.
  5. COVID-19 Environmental Impacts: How to stay conscious while sheltering in place. The Earth is healing in some ways with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, but reliance on paper products increases.