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The government of Canada has just introduced in Parliament the “Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act.” According to the government, the Act will “facilitate and promote the creation of sustainable jobs and support workers and communities in Canada in line as the world advances toward a net-zero future.” It will “put workers and communities at the center of federal policy and decision-making by establishing a framework for accountability, a governance structure and engagement mechanisms to guide effective federal action.”

To hit the ground running, a Sustainable Jobs Interim Action Plan includes:

  • Establish the Sustainable Jobs Secretariat
  • Create a Sustainable Jobs Partnership Council
  • Develop economic strategies through the Regional Energy and Resource Tables
  • Introduce a sustainable jobs stream under the Union Training and Innovation Program
  • Advance funding for skills development toward sustainable jobs
  • Promote Indigenous-led solutions and a National Benefits-Sharing Framework
  • Improve labor market data collection, tracking and analysis
  • Motivate investors and draw in industry leadership to support workers
  • Collaborate and lead on the global stage
  • Establish legislation that ensures ongoing engagement and accountability

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