By LNS President Joe Uehlein

Ken Grossinger is a movement activist and organizer with 35 years’ experience under his belt. He has spent his life serving movements for social and economic justice — in unions, in community organizations, and in philanthropy. His new book, ART WORKS: How Organizers and Artists Are Creating a Better World Together, will help us think strategically, and tactically, about the role of art in movement building. 

Ken writes beautifully about the why, the how, and the what! But it’s much more than that. His book will help us understand ourselves better, as organizers and artists, and will help us think creatively about how to do our work better. He shows us how art reaches people in the heart and soul, and the mind.

ART WORKS is chock full of examples about how art communicates and inspires, educates and agitates; and helps us all organize!

For those of us who work for social change, a stronger democracy, equality, labor and environmental rights, and the nourishment of the soul and the betterment of the human condition, this book is essential reading. I have always said that art is a critical complement to activism, for no matter how brilliant our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that makes the difference and builds a movement. Ken Grossinger proves that in ART WORKS!

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