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Resources for Union Members

If you are looking for ways to move your union forward on climate, this webpage is for you! Here are all the ways your union can take action. Organize a Labor Climate Action Committee Whether you’re looking to organize within your own local or with other locals in the...

Fossil Fuel Phaseout–From Below

Protecting the climate requires rapidly reducing the extraction of fossil fuels. That’s a crucial part of the Green New Deal. While the federal government has done little so far to reduce fossil fuel production, people and governments all over the country are taking steps on their own to cut down the extraction of coal, oil, and gas.

Social Self-Defense Against the Impending Trump Coup

Photo: Corazon Aquino swears in as President of the Philippines at Club Filipino, San Juan on February 25, 1986 Wikimedia Commons.

Even before the 2016 election, Donald Trump hinted that if he lost he might not accept the outcome. Now, far behind in the polls, Trump is taking action to disrupt the 2020 election and laying obvious groundwork for refusing to leave office if he loses.