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Occupy and the 99% Opposition

[by Jeremy Brecher; Original published at] Something is happening, but we don’t know yet what it is. The first half of 2012 saw a wave of people-powered actions protesting foreclosures, evictions, racial profiling, student debt, union busting, climate...

Fossil-fuel subsidies are the real job killers

[by May Boeve and Brendan Smith; original published by Grist] How many lobbyists does it take to defend billions in subsidies for one of the most profitable industries in the world? 786. That’s the size of the army that oil and gas companies maintain in...

Occupy May Day: Not Your Usual General Strike

[On March 24, Occupy Wall Street held a Disrupt Dirty Power action to kick off a month of climate and environmental protests leading up to Earth Day; Labor Network for Sustainability's Jeremy Brecher was the main speaker.  (WSJ Marketwatch posted a video of the street...

Occupy Climate Change

[by Jeremy Brecher; originally published by The Nation; watch a video interview of Jeremy here: Occupy Climate Change Video] Occupy Wall Street’s original Declaration of the City of New York, in September, listed a litany of issues, from foreclosures and...
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