Labor and Climate Action

If Not Now When: Labor Needs a Climate Plan

Labor needs to propose a climate protection strategy of its own — one that realistically protects the livelihood and wellbeing of working people and helps reverse America’s trend to greater inequality while reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the speed... read more

Just Transition

A Scenario for Climate Protection and Jobs

How can the United States actually meet the targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that climate scientists say are necessary to forestall catastrophic climate change without catastrophic economic impacts on American workers? Green Growth: A U.S. Program for... read more

Labor-Environmental Cooperation

Seattle Labor Unions Join Call Saying “Shell No”

For Immediate Release: June 11, 2015 Contact:  Tom Geiger, 206-604-3421 In a strong show of support for a better future, local labor unions have signed a letter to oppose the decision by the Port of Seattle Commission to permit the Shell Oil rig to have safe harbor in... read more

Jobs and Climate

Clean Energy Strategy Must Map Way To Climate Goal

[States are becoming increasingly important battlegrounds for climate protection. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan looks to states to design their own plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But to do so most states will have to reorient their energy policies... read more

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan and Jobs

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is poised to issue the final text of a regulation called the Clean Power Plan (CPP) whose purpose is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) that climate scientists say are causing global warming. There is already... read more

Local Organizing

Connecticut Needs a New Climate Change Action Plan

While global cooperation is required to address global warming, national governments are so far failing to adopt the necessary agreements and policies. Therefore people and governments have had to take the initiative for protecting the climate by reducing greenhouse... read more

Connecticut’s Electric Utilities: Time to Revise the Model

[Like other states, Connecticut has an electric system based on a one-way flow of energy from a central generating stations to consumers — and this model is now obsolete. It is failing to capture new opportunities for distributed renewable energy, and it is failing to meet new problems like climate change and energy insecurity. This discussion paper examines how to revise Connecticut’s electric system to make it safe for the earth’s climate — and how to get the electric utilities to make the changes that are necessary. Here’s the full pdf of the discussion paper entitled: Connecticut’s Electric Utilities: Time to Revise the Model. Read the introduction below.]

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Politics of Climate Change

Reversing Climate Change: What Will It Take?

[By Jeremy Brecher; Cross-Posted with New Labor Forum] On the weekend of September 21, 2014, people in 162 countries joined 2,646 events to demand global reductions in the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are generating climate catastrophe. An estimated forty... read more

Climate destruction in the court of public opinion

[by Jeremy Brecher] As the leaders of more than a hundred of the world’s governments addressed the U.N. Climate Summit last week, people’s organizations from around the world convened a Climate Justice Tribunal across from the United Nations to indict political... read more

Art and Activism

The Flobots: Reviving the Poetry of Politics

[by Brendan Smith] In 2006, Neil Young told the Los Angeles Times that the silence of young songwriters during the Bush era compelled him to retake the stage as a protest singer: “I was waiting for someone to come along, some young singer 18 to 22 years old, to... read more

Artist Highlight: The Cardboard Poets

One of the alluring aspects the Occupy movement is the art it has generated. Days after OWS burst onto the scene, artists quickly set to work depicting the energy and message of the 99 percent movement. There are fine artists such as Molly Crabapple who composed intricate pen and ink drawings of fat cats and vampire squids against fairies of hope; star studded musicians inspired with the recently released “Occupy this Album,” featuring Laudon Wainwright III, Willie Nelson, Tom Morello and Immortal Technique; and of course the whimsical and iconic Adbusters photo of the ballerina dancing atop Wall Street’s raging bull.

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