Green Workers Alliance

Green Workers Need a Voice in the Climate Change Debate

Climate change is already impacting many of our working lives.

Some of us work in industries where the impact is negative: as firefighters fighting hotter and more frequent wildfires and New England oystermen facing shellfish extinction within the next 40 years due to rising carbon levels. Others of us work in industries that will gain jobs from efforts to protect the climate: as electrical workers installing solar panels, steelworkers assembling wind turbines and as government workers being redeployed as environmental accountants.  Still others of us work in industries that will be transformed by climate protection policies, such as coal mining and forestry, who need and want to be part of the green workforce of the future.

As workers we stand on the front lines of the transition to a new green economy.  But so far our voices have not been heard in the climate change debate, which is currently dominated by politicians, trade union and environmental leaders, and business elites.

As individuals earning our living in industries impacted by climate change and who believe in the need for both good jobs and sustainable environmental policy, we have come together to create the Green Workers Alliance to represent our urgent concerns.

As workers we have a stake in this climate change debate and in building a greener, more just economy.  We believe that protecting the environment and preventing disastrous climate change is part of providing a sustainable economic, social, and environmental future for us and our children.

The Green Workers Alliance is part of the Labor Network for Sustainability, which is dedicated to engaging trade unions, workers and their allies to support economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Email b(at)bsmith(dot)org if you would like to learn more or join the Green Workers Alliance.

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